Monday, 21 March 2016

These Vets Tell You The Top Seven Interesting Facts About Dogs

Our dogs are far more than just ”pets” to us and it is common practice to like our pooch more than our in laws, but there is more to our best friends than meets the eye. Here are some awesome facts about dogs that you probably didn't know. Dogs Don't Feel Guilt When we scold our dog for doing something naughty we interpret that cute, but guilty look in the dog’s eyes all wrong. A scientist at Barnard College in New York discovered that this look is more down to being upset that they're being told off and not guilt.

Vets treat alternative housepets for people with modern lifestyles

Dogs and cats remain the top pets in the U.K., a position they have held for many years, with dogs currently in the top spot. However, many people find that modern lifestyles make it difficult to commit to a dog or cat. Longer working hours, living alone, and smaller, often shared or rented homes all cut down on the time we can spend on our pets, and the facilities we have for looking after them. Dogs need regular exercise, usually several times a day, which can be hard to fit around a busy working life. Cats are happiest if they can go outdoors, but busy, urban streets or upper floor flats make this difficult. Small pets, like hamsters and mice, caged birds, or tanks of fish have always provided an alternative to cats and dogs, but many of us would like a larger animal we can cuddle and play with.