Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Vets in Croydon: Gain a Better Understanding of the Canine Coronavirus

A dog owner should have relevant information regarding some of the common diseases that the animal may be exposed or predisposed to. Canine Coronavirus (CCV) is one of the risks that dogs face as they grow. The disease is highly prevalent in puppies, making it the second biggest cause of diarrhoea in dogs. Coronavirus and canine parvovirus can be hard to distinguish, and that makes it important to have the right knowledge on it when taking care of a pet dog. One notable difference between the two diseases is that parvovirus often leads to fatalities, but that is not the case with CCV. Vets in Croydon can conduct examinations for an accurate diagnosis.


Monday, 8 August 2016

Vets in Surrey: Understanding the Dietary Needs of Your Pet Rabbit

After furry domestic animals such as dogs, cats, and in particular, rabbits are the most popular pets in the UK. In fact, the 2015 Animal Wellbeing Report from PDSA puts the number of these pets at 1.2 million. Traditionally, not a lot of people kept rabbits as pets largely due to lack of knowledge on their proper care. There is no precise formula for rabbit care, but with the right information from vets in Surrey, you can gather the basics. Just like other pets, rabbits have dietary needs that their owners need to know of.


The nutritional needs of a rabbit is often largely dependent on age. The diet of a young rabbit should include pellets because they are designed to provide specific nutrients for weight gain. Commercial pellets are naturally balanced and have high fibre content to cater to the needs of a growing rabbit.