Saturday, 4 June 2016

Croydon Vets' Tips to Give You and Your Pets a Stress Free Holiday

Arranging suitable care for your pets while you're on holiday is important for their welfare and your peace of mind. Pets can get stressed out by their owners' absence, by being in a strange place, or being looked after by strange people, but there are ways to make sure they have a good time while you're away. Kennels and catteries look after large numbers of cats and dogs every year. Your pets will be looked after by professionals and given all the care they need, including daily exercise. Vets will tell you, however that some pets find being away from home, and surrounded by other animals stressful. To help them settle, take along their own bed or blanket, and a favourite toy or two. Something that smells of you, like a sweatshirt you've been wearing, can also be comforting.

Friday, 3 June 2016

Vets in Surrey Help Diagnose, Prevent, and Deal with Diabetes in Cats

Diabetes in cats is a problem that vets in Surrey see frequently in their surgeries. Approximately 200 cats in the U.K. are suffering from feline diabetes mellitus. Just as in the human form of the disease, the body of a diabetic animal does not produce enough insulin, resulting in raised levels of glucose in the blood and urine. Recent studies undertaken in Australia have shown that feline diabetes is often an inherited condition, with the Burmese being a particularly susceptible breed. Symptoms Diabetes is a treatable condition, especially when caught and treated early. As a matter of fact, around half of all cats with this condition make a full recovery. One of the major causes of feline diabetes in obesity, so it is important to keep your pet’s weight always in check. The disease usually becomes apparent at around 7 - 10 years of age.