Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Trusted Vets in Croydon Advise Against Giving Chewing Gum to Dogs

Chewing gum might be great in giving you fresh breath at an instant, but the same won’t hold true to your pet dog. In fact, it could even put their lives at risk. Emergencies, such as your pet accidentally ingesting gum, need the immediate attention of trusted vets in Croydon to avoid further complications—a lesson pet owners could learn from Ollie, the four-year-old English Springer Spaniel. According to his owner, Denise Benzie, Ollie found a large box of gum left on a bed in their home and devoured around ten tablets before wolfing down most of the container. The gum in question contained xylitol, a substance known to cause severe poisoning among dogs and even cats. After consulting with a vet over the phone, Denise immediately took Ollie to the clinic for treatment. Luckily, Ollie survived the ordeal, while his liver function remained under observation for a few days.

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