Thursday, 27 August 2015

Pet Vaccination: Visit Vets in Surrey to Avoid the Threat of Rabies

Name anything that makes a dog owner cringe to the core, and chances are, rabies is high on their list. Characterised by violent behaviour and rapid infection, the illness has no known cure. As part of your pet’s preventative care, established vets in Surrey, such as those in Anne Nelson Vets, will recommend that your canine be vaccinated against rabies, especially now when there are still threats that can jeopardise your pet’s well-being. An Existing Threat The Norwegian Veterinary Institute’s Veterinary Record revealed that a relaxation of controls under the European Union’s Pet Travel Scheme in 2012 gave rise to animal smuggling from countries that still have rabies epidemics. The kicker was the elimination of provisions that mandated a blood test for quarantined dogs and a six-month wait before the dogs were allowed into Britain. Requirements of a microchip ID implant, a pet passport, and rabies-free vaccination certificates were retained.

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