Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Healthy and Safe—Vets Encourage Microchipping and Vaccination for Pets

For many pet owners, the idea of microchipping their furry pals is a distant one. If your pet is caged, or it’s a well-behaved indoor cat for example, you might think that your pet doesn’t need a microchip. Another common misconception is the idea that microchips are painful, expensive, or need to be replaced regularly. If you ask vets in Croydon, however, such issues are actually more myth than truth. Pet Microchipping: Never Lose Your Pal In fact, microchips average 20 pounds or less in cost; this is a one-time fee, as biodegradable microchips will last for your pet’s entire life. Due to how microchips are constructed, your pet usually won’t feel any more pain or startling sensation than they would with a typical vaccination.

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