Thursday, 25 February 2016

Dogs Must Be Microchipped by 6th April 2016: Vets in Croydon Are Ready

In England from 6th April 2016, all dogs over eight weeks old must be microchipped, unless a vet certifies that there is a medical exemption. The new law is intended to encourage responsible dog ownership and increase the numbers of lost dogs who are returned to their owners. Microchipping is highly recommended for all pets, and your local vets in Croydon can help and advice. Stray dogs in England can cause serious problems. When the new law was announced in 2013, the BBC reported that over 100,000 dogs are abandoned or lost every year, and less than half are eventually returned to their owners. This is not too surprising considering that less than 10% of these stray dogs are microchipped. The majority are either rehomed or remain in rescue centers, with a small number being put to sleep. The financial cost, an estimated £57m per year, is borne by animal welfare charities and the taxpayer.

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