Friday, 26 February 2016

Why Vets Urge Pet Owners to Protect Their Pets from Fleas and Worms

Fleas are parasites and feed off of a pet's blood by biting them; unfortunately as well as taking the blood without asking, they can pass on a range of diseases which are harmful for both the pet and humans. Myxomatosis in rabbits and tapeworms in cats and dogs are to name but a few, if an animal has an allergic reaction then their health can be seriously compromised. How Fleas and Worms Are Contracted Prevention treatment is vital for both fleas and worms as they are so rife in a pet's everyday environment. Simply suckling milk from its mother can pass on worms to a new born animal and brushing past a flea infected dog can allow them to jump ship to a different host and go onto multiply. Washing hands is as vital after contact alongside the use of prevention treatment that can be acquired from any vets in Surrey to stop a chain of infection.

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